ITEM NUMBER:   ICJ-2009                            PRICE: AUS$ P.O.A                           

ADVERTISING : NSM Music's new interative advertising platform offers a novel,cost effective way of targeting lucrative demographic Markets. The interaction with the advertiser is easy: As soon as someone touches the digital jukebox's screen to play music, the screen presents consumers with a variety of touchscreen media such as banners,leader boards,tracks loops,etc YOU TUBE: As part of a revenue increase initiative NSM have add the ability to browse "YOU TUBE" video's on the screen of of the jukebox.It utilises the time the jukebox is inactive or queued with music to generate extra revenue for the operator. NEW USER FRIENDLY INTERFACE: The Icon 2's new user friendly interface has been redesigned: a combination of graphical enhancements and simplified navigational improvements.The new error-free keyboard is designed to minimise inaccurate key presses when typing on a touchscreen.The Interface also has increased artist imagery and feedback on the screen presses amongst a whole host of wonderful additions to this fantastic jukebox. DIMENTIONS: 800 H X 490 W X 197MM D Weight: 36 kg